Patía fieldwork

Between, 17th – 20th September, five researchers and two field technicians from CIAT, University of Glasgow, University of Bristol, and University of Antioquia (Colciencias-funded PhD student Diana Gutierrez) visited Patía in Cauca (~six hour drive from Cali) to meet with smallholder farmers and collect field and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data at several different farms. A series of semi-structured interviews, focus groups (seven men and four women respectively) and map making exercises were undertaken. Participants came from a recently established (~two years) women`s smallholder organisation (Fumamuafro) and a more established men and women`s organisation (Asogapa & Coagro Usuarios). 65 forage samples were collected from various forage types: Brachiaria brizantha cv Toledo, Brachiaria brizantha cv Marandú, Brachiaria híbrido cv Cayman, Brachiaria híbrido cv Mulato II, Brachiaria decumbens, Megathyrsus maximus cv Mombasa and the most widely sown Dichantium aristatum (angleton) for biomass analysis and later determination of forage quality back in the laboratory at CIAT Headquarters. Some pictures are below.

Finca Villa Paula – Brian Barrett (University of Glasgow), Diana Gutierrez (University of Antioquia), Miller Escobar (CIAT), Robier Caicedo (Patía smallholder (Finca Villa Paula)), Marcela Ramos (University of Bristol), Rodrigo Pena (CIAT), John Freddy Gutierrez (CIAT) and Juan Andrés Cardosa (CIAT).


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