Antioquia field sampling

In December 2020, January and February 2021, researchers from the University of Antioquia were able to safely visit four study farms in Antioquia to undertake field sampling, acquire UAV imagery and conduct interviews with the farmers. In the video below, Prof Mario Cerón, Mateo Vargas, and Lady Sepúlveda provide more information about the fieldwork.

Some of the collected data is being used in the development of predictive models for forage quantity and quality that can be shared with farmers and relevant stakeholders. Mike Zwick, a postdoctoral researcher based at the University of Glasgow is currently working on the development of these models and effective visualization and dissemination approaches for the outputs.

Preliminary user interface displaying the locations of the four farms; La Tablaza, Los Recuerdos, La Fe, and Don Bosco.
Predicted Ash (%), IVD(%), Crude Protein (CP)(%) and Dry Matter (DM)(g/m2) using 3m resolution PlanetScope satellite imagery for Don Bosco and surrounding areas in December 2020.


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